BMW X6 Hire

The BMW X6 creates a new niche, that of the Sports Activity Coupe, and a car that is a rare sight on the uk roads. With its coupe like roof line and SUV like ride height, the BMW X6 looks pretty radical compared to most other things on the road. Longer, lower and wider than the X5, the X6 has an aggressive look that looks really smart and will really make you stand out.

The BMW X6 seats just four people, with two individual seats in the back rather than a bench seat that you would expect – a feature that sets this car apart again in the SUV /Sports car market. The classy dashboard draws it’s inspiration from the X5 so as you expect you get a classy finish and all the toys you need! With the sloping roofline, this leads to a large boot, which will accommodate golf clubs, holiday luggage etc with ease.

Driving the X6 is different to driving other 4×4′s – although you have the high driving position this car has been made for the road and as such the steering, suspension and grip has been designed to make this car as good as possible on the road. There is a lot less roll in this than other SUV’s, this is a real drivers car!

You don’t see many BMW X6′s on the road of the UK, and if you need to transport a couple of people in luxury and style, then the X6 is a fantastic car to hire today!

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