VW Golf R32

VW Golf R32 Hire

The VW Golf R32 takes the success of the Golf GTi and improves the engine, by removing the 2-litre affair and slotting in a 246bhp, 3.2-litre V6. The engine has a meaty roar about it, with a smoother power delivery than the GTi throughout the rev range as you would expect with a V6.

Alongside the larger engine, the R32 also has four wheel drive – to give you that confidence that you need with the larger, heavier engine. The R32 also looks significantly different to the rest of the Golf range, with a chrome grille, centrally mounted rear exhausts and a large alloys amongst them, all of which add up to make the car look a lot more expensive than it is.

The inside of the R32 is a lovely place to be, with a clear layout, excellent materials and a lot of space, easily room for four people and their luggage. The perfect car to hire if a group of you want to get away for a weekend and still need to have some fun whilst you do it!

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